Employer Registration Steps

Step 1: Online Registration

Register at https://engineering.myfuture.mcgill.ca/events/TechfairFeb2018 to fill out your contact and company information and choose the desired Career Fair Package.

Before submitting this form, please be sure to review and accept our Terms and Conditions outlined in McGill University Techfair Policy.

Please note that it is important to specify a working e-mail address in the Primary e-mail field.

Confirmation and important details will be sent to this email address.

Step 2: Confirmation

Once you have submitted the Online Registration Form (Step 1), you will receive an e-mail message from McGill Technology Career Fair acknowledging the receipt of your registration.

Confirmation should include shipping instructions.

Step 3: Logo and Profile Submission

Each company is required to submit a one-page company profile and logo, to appear in our Techfair Mobile APP.


Your company profile is a way to reach out to the student body prior to the career fair.

Hence, it should include any information that you would like the students to know before they approach your booth.

We suggest that you include the following information in your profile:

What does your company do?

What jobs do new engineering/computer science grads perform in your organization or company?

Are you looking to hire new grads, summer employees, and/or interns?

What is special about your company?

What disciplines are you targeting?

What specific qualities do you look for in a potential candidate?

Please note: The maximum number of characters (including spaces) is 1100.

Logo All logo files submissions should be in EPS file format (recommended) and should be made via myFuture. To log-in to myFuture, click here

You need to submit your logo and profile at the time of registration.

Kindly indicate any and all of the targeted disciplines (listed below) your company will be looking for using the drop-down list on MyFuture: